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Opinions - 2003

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People of Guam vs. Anthony Duenas Santos - 2003 Guam 1

Ovita Cruz Brown, as personal representative of the estate of Kenneth Walter Gogue, and as guardian of her minor child, Dyllin Jay Cruz Gogue, Michael D. Langdon, Michelle Langdon, and Circle "A" Excavation Co., vs. Dillingham Construction Pacific Basin Ltd. - 2003 Guam 2

Mariano J.C. Mesngon vs. Gov't of Guam, Civil Service Commission and University of Guam, through Dr. David L.G. Shimizu, Chairman, Board of Regents - 2003 Guam 3

Ursula U. Fleming vs. Mary Ann F. Quigley and James R. Quigley
- 2003 Guam 4

Sky Enterprise vs. Kenzo Kobayashi - 2003 Guam 5

Town House Department Stores, Inc. vs. Hi Sup Ahn - 2003 Guam 6

Bank of Hawaii vs. Alexander Chan and Michelle Chan and Doe Occupants 1-10 - 2003 Guam 7

Nelson Rodriguez vs. Ramonita Rodriguez - 2003 Guam 8

Bank of Guam, a Guam Territorial Bank vs. Guam Banking Board, George V. Cruz, Clifford Guzman, Tom Michaels, Rosita Owen, Robert H. Kono, (In their capacities as members of the Guam Banking Board) - 2003 Guam 9

The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, Petitioner v. Superior Court of Guam, Respondent, IWAO Nomoto; International Trading Network, LTD.; ITN Corporation; Eduardo A. Calvo; E.C. Development; Albert Wong; Capital Investment Group Ltd.; Luxton Services, Ltd; Sunbright Marshall Islands; Sunbright Palau; EIE American Co., LTD.; Henshaw Group Limited; EIE Development (HONG KONG) Ltd.; EIE Guam Corporation; and John Does 1-20 Inclusive Real Parties in Interest - 2003 Guam 10

People of Guam vs. Superior Court of Guam, Francisco H. Chiguina, Jr. - 2003 Guam 11

In the Matter of the Estate of Evelyn Iwalani Concepcion, Elizabeth Concepcion and Delfina Borja vs. Antonio Siquenza - 2003 Guam 12

Vicente C. Pangelinan and Joseph C. Wesley, v. Carl T.C. Gutierrez, Governor, John F. Tarantino, Attorney General, James H. Underwood, Director of the Department of Public Works; Edward G. Untalan, Administrator of the Guam Economic Development Authority; Carl J.C. Aguon, Director of the Department of Land Management; Y'Asela A. Pereira, Treasurer of Guam; Government of Guam, Defendants-Appellees, and Guam Resource Recovery Partners, Intervening Defendants-Appellees - 2003 Guam 13

Michael J. Lanser, Plaintiff-Appellant v. Susan R. Lanser, Defendant-Appellee - 2003 Guam 14

Mobil Oil Guam, Inc., Plaintiff-Appellee v. Young Ha Lee, Defendant-Appellant - 2003 Guam 15

IN Re:  Request of Gnvernor Felix P. Camacho relative to the Interpretation and Application of Section 11 of the Organic Act of Guam - 2003 Guam 16

P.D. Hemlani, Plaintiff-Appellant v. Michael Flaherty, Anao Point Estates, a Guam Limited Partnership, Defendants-Appellees - 2003 Guam 17

People of Guam, Plaintiff-Appellee v. Danny F. Guerrero, Defendant-Appellant - 2003 Guam 18

National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, PA, Plaintiff-Appellant v. Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority, Defendant-Appellee - 2003 Guam 19

Guam United Warehouse Corporation, Plaintiff-Appellee/Cross-Appellant v. Guam DeWitt Transportation Services of Guam, Inc.., Defendant-Appellant/Cross-Appellee - 2003 Guam 20

People of Guam, Plaintiff-Appellee v. Stephen Fritz Muritok, Defendant-Appellant - 2003 Guam 21

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