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Opinions - 2001

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2001 Opinions

People of Guam v. Randy Ignacio Chargualaf
- 2001 Guam 1

People of Guam v. Jake Francisco Fisher - 2001 Guam 2

In Re Request of I Mina' Bente Sing'ko Na Liheslaturan Guåhan Relative to the Application of the Earned Income Tax Credit Program to GuamTaxpayers ("The EIC question") - 2001 Guam 3

People of Guam v. Donicio M. San Nicolas - 2001 Guam 4

Edwin A. Villalon, Rosalina Villalon and Pacific Indemnity Insurance Company v. Hawaiian Rock Products, Inc. and National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA. - 2001 Guam 5

Consy Ceasar, as Special Administratrix of the Estate of Resky Ceasar v. QBE Insurance (Int'l), Ltd. - 2001 Guam 6

In the Interest of N.A., D.A., B.A., R.A., R.A., and J.A., Minors - 2001 Guam 7

Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority, a public body corporate and politic v. Pacific Superiors Enterprises Corporation, and Manu Melwani - 2001 Guam 8

Glorina Q. Perez, Administratrix, of the Estate of Agueda G. Roberto v. Jose T. Gutierrez, Florence S. Gutierrez and Joe and Flo’s, Inc., a Guam corporation - 2001 Guam 9

Bank of Guam v. Daniel R. Del Priore - 2001 Guam 10

Glenn W. Gibbs and American Home Assurance Co., v. Lee Holmes, Joan Holmes, and American Home Assurance Co. - 2001 Guam 11

People of Guam v. Henry T. Quintanilla - 2001 Guam 12

Adrienne O'Mara v. Sue P. Hechanova, Estate of Howard P. Hechanova, Alpha Insurers, a Guam Corporation, and DOES I through X - 2001 Guam 13

Bank of Guam, a Guam Bank Corporation v. Michael J. Reidy, as Director for the Department of Administration - 2001 Guam 14

People of Guam v. Yanshui Jung - 2001 Guam 15

Shorehaven Corporation, Rosario Carpio, Rhodora C. Carpio, and Joel J. Carpio v. Jose Mateo Taitano - 2001 Guam 16

Mark Bamba Angoco v. Eduardo C. Bitanga - 2001 Guam 17

People of Guam v. Osmundo V. Sangalang, Jr. - 2001 Guam 18

People of Guam v. Gerald Vincent Leon Guerrero - 2001 Guam 19

Guam Bar Ethics Committee v. Leon G. Maquera - 2001 Guam 20

Pacific Rock Corporation v. Department of Education - 2001 Guam 21

In the Matter of the Application of Peter B. Leon Guerrero and Adolf Sgambelluri, Administrators of the Estate of Pedro B. Leon Guerrero v. Dwight Look - 2001 Guam 22

Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd. v. Government of Guam - 2001 Guam 23Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (GHURA), v. Dongbu Insurance Company, Ltd. (fka Korea Automobile Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.) - 2001 Guam 24

Maximo V. Ronquillo and Nellie P. Ronquillo v. Korea Automobile, Fire, & Marine Insurance Company Ltd., Janice C. Mansfield aka Janice O'Neill, and Ernest A. Murphy - 2001 Guam 25

People of Guam v. Superior Court of Guam v. Oliver Lintag Laxamana - 2001 Guam 26

BM Co., a Guam Partnership   v. Jimmy K. Avery and Maria F. Avery - 2001 Guam 27

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