Superior Court Decisions and Orders


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Posted: 5/7/2021
CF0731-18,    People v. Santos, Quinata
    D&O re Mot for Aquittal, 5-7-2021
Posted: 5/7/2021
CF0031-20,    People v. Addy
    D&O re Mot for De-Cert and Transfer to Fam Court, 5-7-2021
Posted: 5/7/2021
CM0097-12,    People v. Ysaol
    D&O re Mot for Reconsideration, 5-7-2021
Posted: 5/7/2021
SP0038-20,    Matter of Peredo
    D&O re Mot to Dismiss, 5-10-2021
Posted: 5/6/2021
CF0237-20,    People v. Aflague
    D&O re Mot to Sever, 5-4-2021

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